Work Experience 12

Career Programs support students in both their career development and their human and social development. This type of experiential learning increases the relevance of school by helping students connect what they learn in the classroom with the skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed to be successful in both the workplace and larger community.

Students receive extensive in-school preparation, onsite experience with employers in a chosen focus area, guided post-placement reflection to incorporate learning in the Transition Plan and Graduation Portfolio. 

Work Experience 12 - Course Outline

Welcome to Work Experience 12!  This course is designed to integrate student learning with work in the community.  The program provides a means for students to explore careers within a chosen field and to investigate potential career paths.  WEX 12A consists of successfully completing at least 90 hours of pre-approved hands-on work experience in the field as well as an in-class component that covers general employment and job search skills.

 Course Outline

              i.        Introduction to student responsibilities and career prep work experience

            ii.        Networking

           iii.        Application Form and Resume

           iv.        Employment Interview

            v.        Employability Skills

           vi.        Personal Safety

          vii.        Labour Relations Act

        viii.        Human Rights Legislation

Class Expectations

1.    Attend class regularly and promptly

2.    Come to class prepared (bring materials, complete all homework)

3.    Participate in all activities and discussions (volunteer answers!)

4.    Respect yourself and others (including me!)

Course Materials

q  Writing materials

q  3-ring binder with note paper

q  Glue stick, felts, pencil crayons and other drawing material

Course Evaluation Procedures 

Class Assignments, Presentations, Projects, Final Report                 30%

Business Attitude                                                                                        10%

(regular attendance, submission of documentation)

Work Experience                                                                                         60%

  (Late assignments and projects will be penalized, if accepted) 


All homework must be completed in a satisfactory manner. Marks will be given for homework that is completed satisfactorily and turned in at the beginning of class.  For homework that is not completed satisfactorily, marks will be deducted.  You will receive ‘0’ for the homework if you forget to bring your homework to class on the due date. 

If you have a legitimate absence on a day when homework is checked, your homework will be based on the next day you return to class.  The completion of assigned homework is a good indicator of the effort you are putting into the course.  I will not be reminding you to follow these guidelines.  The onus is on you to comply with them. 

Daily assignments may not be accepted late.  Late projects will be penalized 10% each day late up to a maximum of 30%, if accepted. 


If you are absent from class, it is your responsibility to catch up on all missed work within 3 days of your return to school.  Handouts and notes should be obtained from your class buddy.  A note from your parent or guardian explaining your absence for the day(s) you missed is mandatory if your absence is to be excused.

Final Project 

Your final project includes important evaluations that you have been collecting throughout your work experience placement. You need to also include your time sheets, and your interview evaluation form. This project is mandatory and is necessary for completion of the course. Students who do not complete this project will not pass the course.

The final project can be seen here in further detail. 

Due date: Thursday, January 20th, 2010


Work Safe in BC Project

So do you know your rights? - QUIZ

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