Teenopoly is a game designed by Jon Hamlin in conjunction with Jesse Bannister and Leah Gregg.

This game is designed to introduce concepts of borrowing, debt, and purchasing in a fun and interesting manner.

The game is currently a prototype for the Design for Social Change course at Emily Carr Continuing Studies.

Instructor: Kara Pecknold

The Problem
Students are graduating High School without the financial literacy needed to be financially responsible and minimize the impacts of future debt.

The Solution
A comprehensive curriculum package that is presented in a variety of ways. The 3 tiered approach will harness both technology and traditional methods of interaction to speak to students in terms relevant to their culture and lifestyle.

Financial Model
  • Sale of Game
  • Sale of App
  • Web Sponsorship
Product Dissemination
  • Regional liaison
  • Ministry of Education
  • Professional Development
  • Social Media
  • Web proliferation
  • Corporate partnerships

Board Game Player Resources

 View Game Rules  & Instructions (download)

  Download extra Chance Cards
 View Game Board  Download extra Banker's Sheets

Product Suite Prototypes

Prototype #1 - Bubble Up! Video
Engages the passive learner with interesting facts and information about the financial aspects of Pop Culture

Protoype #2 - Teenopoly Board Game
Engages the analog learner with a tactile and kinesthetic learning environment

Prototype #3 - Velcrow Wallet
Engages the digital learner with visual and representational concepts of money, spending, and saving.

Mobile Financial App
  • Virtual Allowance
  • Parental Reloading
  • Visualize Expenses
  • Mobile Payments
  • Understand Cashflow
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