Week 1 - July 7 to 10

  1. Test your student account login
  2. Complete the "Who Knew?" Getting to Know You Activity
  3. Find a partner and trade "Who Knew?" papers. Try to guess your partner's 1 lie, be prepared to introduce them to the class.


1. Warmup

Sit down with a classmate and take turns creating a "Wild Self" version of your new friend. Show your partner your finished picture, what do they think?

2. Homework Review

Use this answer key to compare results once you and your parents finish

3. Class Questions

• What is a digital footprint? 
• How does my online activity contribute to my digital footprint? 
• What are the consequences of my digital footprint on my real life? 


6. Video: Digital Life 101 & Activity: Digital Life 101

Take Home: Family Handout


Warmup: Create a Black & White sketch of yourself using Flash Face

Video: Passwords Safety & Activity: Password Evaluation

Optional Video: Faux Paws Safety


Strategic Search Strategies - KWL Chart

Video: Basic Search Strategies  &  Activity: Doggy Data

Follow Up Activity: Fetch!

Bonus Round


Warmup: Create some art with Psykopaint!

Lesson: 3 Types of Searches    Activity: Compare Your Hits


Test: Computer Hardware Idenfication

Activity: Explore the Virtual Desktop