Summer School - Week 2

Greetings students, this week you will have a special guest. Mr. Cooper will be here with you on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday this week. He will show you how to do some very exciting 3D modeling activities that will even involve you using a 3D printer on Wednesday to bring your creation to life.


Warm Up: Start your adventure in 3D by designing your own custom sports car:

Introduction to Google Sketchup wit Mr. Cooper

- Key terms: Orbit, Pan, Zoom

Video 2: Making Shapes


Video 3: Push/Pull

Video 4: Making a chair

Activity 1 - Making a Chair  

Your task will be to create you very own chair. This chair needs to have the following criteria:
  • 4 legs
  • 1 seat bottom
  • 1 back rest


Tinkerbot intro


Tinkerbot & 3D Printing


Photoshop Introduction


Photoshop Magic