Passion Project

How does it work?

You may work alone or with a small group.

    • Decide carefully.  If you choose a small group, you will have to compromise with your group and deal with other personalities.  If you work alone, you have complete autonomy but you are responsible for the outcome.
    • Is this person a worker or floater?
    • Can I get along with this person for the entire semester?
    • Is this person going to keep on track or distract me?
    • This is not about hanging out with friends,but making something really cool.
    Choose a project that is new to you and something you wouldn’t normally do in another academic class.

  • If you are stuck, do some research on other educational 20% projects and take another look at what Google has done.
  • You must produce a product.
  • Write up a proposal and pitch* it to the rest of the class that includes a purpose, audience, timeline, and resources you will need to complete the project.  You will present your pitch in a "science-fair"-type poster session in front of other students, teachers, and community members.
  • Choose an adult to be your official mentor.  I am an English teacher, I do not have a lot of experience with some of the projects you might choose.
  • Reflect on the process each week on the class wiki or personal blog.
  • If, at any moment, you feel lost, overwhelmed, or uninspired, you must set a meeting with me to find a solution.
  • At the end of the year, you will present your project and reflect on the process in a five-minute TED-style talk.
  • Failure is an option.  Simply learning from your mistakes teaches you a lot

  • YouTube Video