Week 7

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Homework for Thursday, March 18

Today was St. Patrick's Day.

You were given a handout Letter from an Irish Immigrant and have to answer 9 questions on a separate piece of paper and hand them in by Friday. This will be marked out of 10 and will have 9 points for questions and 1 point for presentation.

We also watched the first part of the Death or Canada video series and will be watching the second half on Thursday and Friday. We will be required to write a 2 paragraph response (1 for each part of the movie) and these will be due on Monday.

This video chronicles the experiences of Irish Immigrants escaping the potato famine and making the long voyage to Canada in the 1840's.

Homework for Monday, March 15

Quest #2 - Canada 1815 - 1837

Quest - Horizons Textbook  - Chapter 1 (p. 10 - 45) and Life and Gov't in Upper Canada Booklet

50 questions - multiples choice, fill in the blank

We will be meeting in the A200 computer lab on Monday
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Mar 17, 2010, 11:08 AM