Week 5

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Homework for Friday - March 5th


Homework for Thursday - March 4th

Horizons - Page 32 - Question # 3

Write a 1 page letter, putting yourself in the mindset of a pioneer from 1830.

Homework for Wednesday - March 3rd

Write your 2 paragraph response to
Canada a People's History: The Pathfinders video in our Class Response Form

Paragraph 1 will cover topics from the first half of the video.
Paragraph 2 will cover events from the second half.

The Pathfinders: Movie Response

After you are done, you should be able to see the class response summary. If nothing's visible, try refreshing the page.

Class Responses

Homework for Tuesday - March 2nd

Create a Glossary of terms

You will need 23 terms found in Horizons from pages 10 - 26

These terms are highlighted in the beige boxes on the sides of the page.

There will be a brief quiz on some of these terms later next week.

Movie - Response Paragraph (due Wednesday)

Today we watched part 1 of Canada a People's History: The Pathfinders

Key highlights

Opening Vignette

David Thompson, as HBC clerk to Churchill
Episode Beginning

Des Groseilliers & Radisson, fur trade, Charles II created HBC

The River Route

Western Interior, Pierre de la Vérendrye
5 of 13

Life at the Bay
David Thompson, fur trade, Cree

A Journey to the North
Samuel Hearne, search for rumoured copper mine, expedition, Bloody Falls attack

The Nor' Westers
English vs. French systems of fur trade, North West Company, HBC moves inland

In The Shadow Of The Rockies
Thompson travels to the Rockies, Piegan & story of smallpox epidemic

The Voyageurs
Fur trade continues to grow, Daniel Harmon, voyageurs, portages

The Winterer
Cree/Assiniboine, Harmon, country marriages, Métis

Looking at Stars
Thompson studies surveying, the key to map making; charts the North west

The Legend of David Thompson

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