Week 3

posted Feb 16, 2010, 1:08 PM by Jon Hamlin   [ updated Feb 18, 2010, 1:30 PM ]
Homework for Tuesday

Questions from the booklet: North America to 1815

1. Why did the Constitutional Act of 1791 divide the colony into two? How and why did it limit the powers of the elected assemblies?

page 15

1. In your own words, explain who the Loyalists were, where they settled and how they were different from the Canadiens.

2. What problems did the arrival of the Loyalists create for the British Government?

Homework for Wednesday

Today we discussed our Current Events assignment. This will take place during long block on Tuesdays.

We will begin next week. Here is a sample current events write-up for you to see.

You will need to carefully reflect and choose your article wisely. You will need to include your sources and also either a newspaper / magazing clipping and/or copy of the article or a printed version of the original if you find it online.

Homework for Thursday

We will be going through numerous information sheets and completing questions about:
Upper & Lower Canada, The Constitution Act of 1791, and The War of 1812

These will all need to be finished by Friday and will count towards your homework mark.

Homework for Friday
Read and answer questions for  "Events of the War of 1812 - part 2" and "Results of the War of 1812"
Bring completed questions to class on Friday.

Homework for Monday

Quiz will take place on Monday - in the A200 computer Lab.

Prepare for your Quiz - North America to 1815