Week 2

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Homework for Tuesday
Complete the Canada Map assignment. Make sure you clearly label all appropriate categories and required items.
Here are some helpful maps that you may find useful.
Due by the end of class on Tuesday.

Homework for Thursday

We will be learning more about exactly who The Loyalists were and will be using a couple different worksheets with questions and answers.

Worksheet 1 - Who Were the Loyalists?

Due for Thursday

Homework for Monday
We finished our Loyalists worksheets on Thursday and were left with the question: Black slaves also came to Canada. In your opinion, why did they do this?

Your task will be to do some research at home and try to come up with an informative and researched answer using a minimum of two sentences. This is small but must be well thought out.

Please include any url links to sites you have used for information.

Due for Monday

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