Week 18

posted Jun 9, 2010, 9:48 AM by Jon Hamlin   [ updated Jun 14, 2010, 11:23 PM ]
Congratulations on all your hard work this semester!

It is now time for our FINAL QUEST of the year!

The Quest has questions chosen from all of your previous 5 Quests.

There are 125 Questions in total - You have the whole period - 1hr. 40 mins to finish

Good Luck and when you finish, please check the Engrade for any missing assignments.

** Don't forget we will begin presentations again tomorrow and groups that have not submitted a Write-UP need to do that ASAP!!!

                                            Here is the LINK TO YOUR QUEST


Tuesday, June 15th - Social Studies 10 - Final Quest

We will be conducting our Final Quest in the brand new A221 Computer Lab.

This Quest will involve questions from all the previous Quests we have done since the beginning of class.
You are encouraged to review our previous Quests before this Tuesday:

Quest 1 - Social Studies 10 - North America to 1815

Quest 2 - Social Studies 10: Quest 1815 to 1837

Quest 3 - Social Studies 10 - Mid-Term Mini Quest

Quest 4 - Socials Studies 10: Mini Quest - Canada's Confederation

Quest 5 -
Socials 10 Quest: Red River, Manitoba, Metis, and British Columbia

Using your class materials, handouts, worksheet packages (all available here on the website) and the textbook,
revisit the key events, people, battles, and political developments that helped shape our country.