Week 17

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 Presentation Schedules

                   Thursday, June 10              
    Thursday, June 11
 BC - Daniel, Danial
 Northwest Territories - Nick
 Newfoundland - Angela, Joanna
 Nunavut - Jared, Jonathan
 P.E.I. - Sean, Hisham
 Vancouver Island - Sogand
 Ontario - Steven, Noor, JinJu
 Labrador - Spencer
 Manitoba - Jellie, Conny
 Quebec - Kyle, Ambrose
 Yukon - Alex, Justin
 New Brunswick - Anthony, Alana
 Nova Scotia - Francis, Gabe
 Saskatchewan - Tyler, Saif
  Alberta - Damian, Sarah

Socials 10 - Provinces - Final Project
This week we will begin work on our Final Project for the year.

Throughout this course we have been mostly looking at the past, at how our country and provinces came to be. We’ve looked at the events and people that have shaped our history and laid the ground work for present-day Canada.

Now we are going to focus more specifically on the individual provinces and what makes each of them so unique. This project is going to be very in-depth. We will be dividing ourselves into teams of 2 (3 for Ontario due to its size and history). We will be creating not only an informational poster but also 7 - 10 minute presentation on your chosen province or territory. You may use overheads or you may use Microsoft Power Point to add to your presentation.

Students will be given only one standard sized poster board and will be given both library and computer lab time to research and gather information. The presentation and poster must cover all of the criteria listed below. You will be marked on your research and whether you have covered the criteria. You will be also marked on overall presentation, layout, and ease of understanding.

This project will be out of 100 points and split equally 50 points for the poster, 50 for the presentation.

These criteria must be covered by each team:

1.  Capital city

      2.  Top 3 cities by population

      3.  Total current population and population from the year 2000, 1990, and 1980. 

           You will be expected to comment on any increases or decreases and why these may be.

      4.  Major industries – how do people in this area make their money?

      5.  Economy – is this in decline or increasing?

      6.  Unemployment – what are the most recent unemployment statistics?

      7.  Government – What political party is currently in power? Who is their leader?

8.      Major waterways? Rivers, lakes, Oceans nearby

9.      Multicultural mix? Does your area have a diverse population? What are the main ethnic groups that call make up your area?

10. Historical background. Where did the first settlers come from? Name and describe any significant people that played a role in the early days of your area.

11. Provincial flag – describe it and provide a picture

12. Provincial coat of arms – provide example

13. Provincial motto or slogan – what is it?

14. Famous people from this area? What notable people originate from your area?

15. Climate – provide average temperatures in the summer, winter, fall, and spring. What is the yearly rainfall average?

16. First nations – describe a minimum of 3 local First Nation groups. Indicate the regions of your province that they call home and how many are still left today. Describe what their traditional diet and lifestyles consisted of.

17. Historic background – When did your area join confederation? Did this happen smoothly? Who were some key people involved with this event?

18.  Natural resources – what are the key natural resources from your area? How much money do these provide your area per year?

19. Taxes – what types of provincial tax does your area have? What is the rate?

20. Crime statistics – research and describe annual crime rates.

21. Quality of life – research and briefly describe what the quality of life is like for the average person in your area.

22. Timeline of important events – create a small timeline of 5 significant events in the history of your area

23. Sports teams – what sports and teams are the most popular in your area?

24. Leisure activities – what do the people of your area do for fun?

25. Funny facts – provide at least one quirky or interesting fact from your area.

You will be expected to cover all of these points and provide a bibliography to cite your sources. You will need to consult and use multiple sources of information including internet, books, magazines, etc.

You must work efficiently with your partner and spend time gathering and recording information before you begin creating your poster and presentation.

Your presentation will have more critical and evaluative guidelines - see the presentation guidelines here

Presentations will begin – Thursday, June 10th

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