Week 14

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Homework for Wednesday, May 12

Today we finished the last 3 sections of our booklet. "The Gold Rush in BC before Confederation", "The Importance of BC becoming a Province" and  "British Columbia becomes a Province". These 3 pages were completed during class time and will be discussed tomorrow. I expect all students to arrive with these pages completed on Wednesday.

I also distributed our next booklet to guide us through our textbook. For homework tonight, you will be expected to complete the first section
"Native Peoples of the Northwest (2 pages) for Wednesday. You will find the appropriate pages to consult in your textbook, listed at the top of each question page.

BC Gold Rush

Homework for Monday, May 10

On Friday I handed out our newest booklet covering the formation of Western Canada, Rupert's Land, the Metis, and the Confederation of British Columbia.

We read the first two sections and completed the questions in class. For Monday's class you will be expected to finish the first 4 sections and be prepared to show your work and discuss these on Monday.

If you lose, misplace, or forget your booklet, as always, you will be responsible for printing off your own second copy.

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