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Rebellion Songs

During class we discussed the importance of music and song to unite people, share information, and to tell stories.

Here are a couple songs that describe the events surrounding the rebellions in Upper and Lower Canada in 1837.

The Upper Canada Rebellion Song (Lyrics - Mp3 download)


The Lower Canada Rebellion Rap
(Lyrics - Mp3 download)

We will begin our Current Events presentations next Tuesday, February 23rd
View our sign-up schedule below and make sure you are prepared for your day.

Steven Harper using Social Media

Tuesday – February 23

P: Tyler

Q: Steven

P: Saif

Q: Jared

Tuesday, March 2

Tuesday, March 9

Tuesday, March 16

Tuesday, March 23

P: Anthony

Q: Spencer

P: Sean

Q: Hisham

P: Sara

Q: Michael

P: Noor

Q: Joanna

P: Steve

Q: Tyler

P: Spencer

Q: Anthony

P: Michael

Q: Sara



P: Jared

Q: Saif

P: Damian

Q: Kyle

Tuesday, April 13

Tuesday, April 20

Tuesday, April 27

P: Kyle

Q: Damian

P: Sogand

Q: Allana

P: Angela

Q: Jinju

P: David

Q: Daniel J

P: Daniel J

Q: David

P: Francis

Q: Conny

P: Hisham

Q: Sean

P: JinJu

Q: Angela

P: Jellie

Q: Danial

Tuesday, May 4

Tuesday, May 11

Tuesday, May 18

Tuesday, May 25

P: Angela

Q: JinJu

P: Alana

Q: Sogund

P: Joanna

Q: Noor

P: Justin K


P: Conny

Q: Francis

P: Gabe

Q: Jonathan

P: Ambrose

Q: Alex

P: Jonathan

Q: Gabe

P: Danial

Q: Jellie


P: Alex

Q: Ambrose

Fun Stuff

The Quebec Act

see our Videos Page for more fascinating tales from Canada's past...

Test your knowledge of Canadian History!

Canadian History Quiz #1

Canadian History Quiz #2

How did you do? Challenge your parents, friends, or relatives! Who will win?

Fraser River Gold Rush

Canada Satellite maps

Social Studies 10

Canada up to 1815
Unit 1

Pinetree Time

Canada's Population

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