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Visual Basic

Textbook: An Introduction to Microsoft Visual Basic .NET

Read Chapter 1

Questions (pg 1-20, 1-21)

1-3, 10, 13, 29-37

First Project: Hello World

Second Project: Text Editor

Third Project: Lucky Lotto

Fourth Project(s): Choose one of the following projects based on your skill level

Drawing Program (intermediate)


5th Project - Tic Tac Toe Game (intermediate)


Final Project - Software Design Document

software design document (SDD) is a written description of a software product, that a software designer writes in order to give a software development team an overall guidance of the architecture of the software project. An SDD usually accompanies an architecture diagram with pointers to detailed feature specifications of smaller pieces of the design. Practically, a design document is required to coordinate a large team under a single vision. A design document needs to be a stable reference, outlining all parts of the software and how they will work. The document is commanded to give a fairly complete description, while maintaining a high-level view of the software.

See: How to Write an Effective Design Document

See: Game Design Process

Your Task:

You will not be expected to create the actual piece of software, only the conception and planning stages. You may choose to "design" your program using any of the development tools we have used this year. Scratch, BlueJ, Visual Basic, or anything else if you are familiar with it.

One of the most important parts of proper software development is the planning stage and programmer's rely on an SDD to provide an overview of their work to others.

You will be required to invent your dream software idea. Your idea can be a game, a mobile app, a piece of desktop software, whatever you want. 

You will be required to develop a thorough document detailing the inner working's of your product including a logo and mock up drawings (drawings can be by hand on paper or on photoshop).

Your logo and rough copy template are due on Thursday.
Your finished, printed package, will be handed in at the beginning of class on Tuesday, Jan 24th.

Please also bring $2 on Monday for our Tuesday afternoon pizza party.

Hand In the Software Design Document Outline by the end of class on Tuesday

Project total weight: 10% of final grade

Your grade will be determined using the following rubric:

Document clearly describes the system design, including figures where appropriate10 points
Document includes specific information about system testing and functionality10 points
Document includes a detailed time estimate of completion and a summary status10 points
Document is formatted correctly, including references to figures and/or sources10 points
Document is well reviewed with correct spelling and punctuation throughout10 points
Total50 points

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