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Greenfoot Partner Tutorials

posted Apr 28, 2014, 9:14 AM by Jon Hamlin   [ updated Apr 28, 2014, 1:49 PM ]
You and a partner need to work through the 6 Greenfoot tutorials.

We are going to do these because they are an excellent way to explain and develop a better understanding of Greenfoot concepts. 

Before we move forward, we need to all be on the same page with our Greenfoot understanding.

Please work through the 6 tutorials. For each tutorial please write:

- 2 or more new concepts you have learned and now understand
- any remaining questions you may have that you still need answers to

You will submit all of these along with the names of both partners by the end of the day on Tuesday.


 Sampson , Ryan 

Jeff , Tiger

Bardia , Eden 

Cody , Max 

Sean , Brian C. 

Alen , Pom 

Anna , Navin 

William , Elaine 

Diane , Brian J. 

Jenny (G Hyon) , Arian 

Behrad , Jenny (Ji Young) 

Eric , Vivian, Travis 

Abhi , Ben 
  Joey , Calvin 

Li , Keven

Wen Bei , Romano 

Jeffrey , Wendy 

Soha , Cindy 

Shayan , Ryan A. 

Lawrence , Sally, Michelle

Christian , Raymond 

Jane , Jason 

Sabrina , Ryan S. 

Steven , Louis 

Bill , Kosta 

Destin , Henry 

Tali, Peter