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Programming Fall 2011: Assignments

Assignment #5 - Life Online: Power Point Presentationn

1st stepComplete the Life Online activity with a partner. Save your notes to a Google Docs document or print  them.

        * you will need headphones to listen to the video clips. 

2nd step: complete a Power Point presentation with your partner, addressing the points covered below.

You may spend a lot of time communicating with friends through email, text messaging, or social networking sites. So what do you think of life online? What's good about it? What's bad? Is it safe? What are the risks? Where do you draw the line between acceptable and unacceptable behavior?

For your assignment, you will create a Power Point presentation of your ideas about online communication. You may choose a particular topic that interests you or that came up in the videos you watched, or your teacher may have some suggestions for how to focus your presentation.

Your presentation must be: 

  • a minimum of 5 minutes in length (max 7 mins). 
  • must contain pictures and / or videos to illustrate your points. 
  • You will be working with a partner - of your choice. 
  • You need to create only 1 presentation for both of you. 

Content: is the content appropriate, related, and insightful



Organization: is each slide well presented and organized, does it make sense?



Presentation: colours, layout, design, easy to read, how does it look to viewers?



Critical Thinking: have you carefully evaluated the information?



Time: Do you fall within the 5-7 minute timeframe? (-1 point for each min over/under)




* Video Bonus  - 1 pt



1 point bonus if you can figure out how to embed a YouTube clip (max 1 minute long)

Assignment #4 - Frontline: Digital Nation \ Life Online

Watch the Frontline: Digital Nation broadcast - take notes on paper or on the computer - try Google Docs

  • What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages to learner's being so connected nowadays? 
  • List 10 pro's and con's and post these into the homework section of your website.

Assignment #3 - Computer History Timeline

Our video yesterday left us off around the end of the 1970's.
That barely scratches the surface of where computers really began to affect society. The internet was still merely a dream and collection of ideas that had not become reality.

Using the following resources:
Construct a section of your homework page called "Computer History 1979-2011"

In this section you must research what you consider to be the 20 most significant events in computer history from 1979 - 2011. Please present these events, in chronological order, including at least 1 picture per event.

Due date: end of class on Monday

View this: Gamechangers in Computer History ( slideshow )

View this: History of Computers (amazing infographic)

Assignment #2 - Video: History of the Personal Computer

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Take some notes - you can also click into Google Docs and take notes on there.

Quiz - 10 Key Questions about the Film (large concepts, not small details) Thursday

Assignment #1 - Create your first web page

1. Using Google Sites, create a basic website about yourself. You may include video clips, songs, pictures, or any other forms of media that you feel best represent who you are.

Your website should include the following:
 - Your name and the period that you are in 
 - A brief write-up about yourself (your name, where you are from, your interests, favourite things, favourite subjects, etc) - Do not feel the need to post anything personal, these sites will be public *
 - A Homework section where you will be posting links to your completed assignments.
** Also add three other pages in your sidebar.

  •   Visual Basic
  •   BlueJ
  •   Scratch

You should use at least 2 columns in your page. 

In 1 column you are to make a list of links to other students pages in your class. You will need to spell their name correctly, have the list in alphabetical order, and have the links all working properly. You can find the Class List here, feel free to copy and paste the names into your column. At the end of class, you will need find the students websites from their profiles in the members list and add links to their names. 

Google Sites is an easy website to use. There are tutorials and help available within the site.

** Once you have a URL for your site, please update our Class Roster and add your URL to your profile so we can find your site. *** ALSO - Please include your Twitter name in your profile ex. @BillyBob if you have one.

Example Websitehttp://sites.google.com/site/aboutmeJosh

Post in the homework section of your site:

1. A new thing you have learned about making websites.

2. Something  you have not learnt yet but would like to learn.

3. Who has made the best site in your opinion.

4. 2 things you could do to improve your site.

Due date: end of class, Friday, Sept 9

Problems logging into Google sites? Try logging out of Google groups then typing http://sites.google.com into your web browser and logging in again. Also, best results will likely be had using Mozilla Firefox rather than Internet Explorer

Website Rubric

10 points - Layout

Is your site easy to navigate?

Does it make logical sense how to get around?

Do you have to search to find content or is it easy to locate?

10 points - Creativity

Does the site reflect your diverse interests?

Have you gone beyond the basic template to customize it?

Have you chosen a colour scheme that is easy to view?

Have you added more than the bare minimum to make it special?

10 points - Functionality

Do all the links work?

Does all content load effectively?

Can you easily jump between menus and links?

Total 30