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Movie: Code Kids

Code Kids is a documentary following the journey towards seeing kids being taught coding in schools once again in Canada’s Maritime provinces. With the happy ending already set as a goal, will support for the movement gain the necessary steam to make this a reality?

Will the amazing results seen in Estonia and Finland inspire those back home and will Canada’s eastern-most provinces decide to take the lead in a global race to fill the millions of tech jobs, that at current rates, will not be filled in years to come without more kids choosing coding and tech as a career? Meet the supporters and volunteers behind this grassroots movement that’s sweeping the globe and follow individual kids and how their lives have been changed by pursuing their dreams.

Discussion Questions - Please discuss these with a group near you and be prepared to share your ideas.

1. Do you think coding is something that can benefit all students?
2. Do you think coding should be a required course for all students?
3. Do you think that you will benefit from learning to code?
4. How do you think that coding can or can't help you in the world we live in now?
5. What is an appropriate age to start learning to code?
6. Why are there more boys coding that girls?

Assignment: Complete this KWL Chart before, during, and after the film. Place in the hand-in folder when complete.