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Scratch - Target Game

This will be a target shooting game. You will have 1 main sprite and multiple (minimum 3) target sprites.

Your main sprite will be shooting some type of weapon. If the weapon hits a target sprite, your target sprite should either:

a) completely disappear (basic level)
b) partially disappear (advanced level, 3 hits to make sprite fully vanish)

Make your sprite is interesting and creative.

Extend your project by attempting to create actions like changing backgrounds, flashing screens,explosions if a sprite dies, etc.

Project requirements:

1. One main sprite, minimum 3 target sprites.
2. Opening and closing screens.
3. Music during main game sequence.
4. Sound effects for each time the weapon is fired and each time it hits a target sprite.

Here is an example of a simple version of this game 

- download the Target Game.sb code file to look at the code

More detailed instructions are here: http://learnscratch.edublogs.org/games/basics-shoot/

For much more detailed, step by step instructions, view here.

Another option, if you'd prefer, is to watch this video tutorial (30 mins)

Too easy?  
Check out these instructions to make an advanced space shooter game instead!

Here is an example of a Galaga Clone