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Scratch - Pacman Game

Play Pac-Man (click image below)

Watch "The History of Pac Man"

Game Requirements:
1. Game must have a main character that the user moves about the screen using the arrow keys on the keyboard.
2. There must be "food" that the character eats.  The food will disapear after the character eats it.
3. The game area must have a maze that the main character must "bounce" off when it touches the edges.

4. The game must feature a number of randomly moving enemy sprites that are chasing (using a proximity variable) the main sprite.

5. The character should have 3 lives. Each time an enemy sprite touches the main sprite, 1 life will be lost. After all 3 lives are gone, the game is over.

6. The game must move on to a next level once all the food pieces have been consumed (minimum of 2 levels).

See more detailed step by step instructions here

Extras (Bonus marks for Prog 11, mandatory for Prog 12):
1. The game keeps score based on the number of food eaten.
2  System for keeping track of the lives of the main character.

See example: Original Pac-Man (note the "turbo mode" option)

See Student Example: Braeden's Pac-Man Game (great chase feature)

Optional Download: Pacman Sprites (should you choose to use these, but you don't have to if you'd prefer something else)