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An infographic, also called information graphics, is a popular way to present data by distilling the words, data points, key concepts and illustrations that might be present in a report and creating
a visual representation of the material.

Is a picture really worth a thousand words? Research indicates that visual
communication may be more powerful than verbal communication, suggesting that
people learn and retain information when it is presented visually better
than when it is only provided verbally or as text.

Let's take a look at some examples. Ask yourself these questions when viewing the samples:

Does the infographic cite their sources? and, Are the sources

Is the data relevant? and, how old is the data?
What is the motive of the organization, person, or group that created the infographic? Is it to educate, entertain, or sell something?

Is there an angle or bias coming through? Are readers being
manipulated through the text, colors or graphics?

Does the infographic represent an accurate outline of the data?

Infographic on how to make infographics

Tips for making a good infographic

Infographic Expectations

Research and Synthesis

  • Scope of topic clearly defined.
  • Thesis clearly stated.
  • Information effectively selected and relevant to present message.
  • Statistics collected from reliable sources.
  • Information is logically organized so that reader can easily understand message of the data.
  • Appropriate and varied charts and images represent data.
  • Concise text supports graphics
  • Infographic presents clear conclusion based on data presented

Respect for Intellectual Property

  • Demonstrated respect for Copyright/fair use. 
  • Use of Creative Commons resources
  • Research appropriately documented

Design and Creativity

  • Effective use of metaphor/big picture
  • Effective use of color, font, graphics.
  • Appropriate assets/elements/information types selected to convey messsage of data
  • Graphics organized to clearly communicate thesis and evidence.
  • Evidence of creative thought


No spelling or grammatical errors

View the infographic marking rubric here


When you are finished your infographic. Here is how you submit it for marking.

1. Upload your infographic in .jpeg / .gif / .png or other image file format to

2. Copy & Paste the link to your image / infographic and your name in the form below and press "submit".

Infographic Submission

Due date: end of class on Monday, May 27

See what your classmates have created. How does yours compare?

ICT Block 2 Infographic Links