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Future Technology Assignment

Your task will be to research one type of new or emerging technology that interests you. You will choose one technology that you actually think will be useful in the future and will be widely adopted. You must explain what it is, how it will work and how it will benefit people. Also think critically about this technology, what other areas might be affected by the emergence of this new technology?

You need to include:
  • - pictures of this technology (choose relevant and descriptive pictures that illustrate the concept)
  • - minimum paragraphs
    • -1 describing the history and current state of the technology
    • -2 describing the new technology and why you think it will be useful
    • -3 the pros and cons of this new technology and why or why not it will be popular
Due in the hand-in folder by the start of class on Monday

Total 35 points 

Paragraph 1 10points
Paragraph 2 10points
Paragraph 3 10points
    Pictures     5 points    

Review: Future Technologies to Watch (2003) - Read through this list. How many were accurate? How many were not?

Resources (use these as a starting point for your assignment)