Technology Presentations

CISCO Technology Presentations are intended to be a fun and interesting way to start each class.

You will be able to research and present on an emerging technology of your choosing.

Students will be responsible for completing two 5 minute presentations per semester on a technology topic of their choice. The second presentation could follow up on the first one or could be an entirely brand new topic.

You need to tell us why you are interested in this technology, why it matters on a broad scale, and what are its implications for the future. 

You should present this in a brief slide show (Power Point, Prezi, Sway, Google Slide, etc)
You can show a video to illustrate your technology, but the video can't take up more than 2 minutes of the presentation. The slide show should be like the pictures in a book - it should not tell the story for you but merely illustrate what you are telling the class.

You will also need to write a half page summary of your presentation with 3 questions for further thought. 
These questions should promote deeper thinking about the topic. Your summary and questions will be due on your website portfolio the class before your presentation.

We will be organizing presentations on this calendar, it will be the student's responsibility to keep track of when their presentations are scheduled.

CISCO Presentations