Tablet Computing

Tablet computing - Presentation

In a group of 2 you will create a shared Prezi presentation about your Tablet findings.

You will be creating a 3 page Prezi presentation, the pages will showcase the following:

Page 1 - Your top 2 tablets, side by side for comparison.

Page 2 - Your #1 choice of tablets with facts to back up your arguments.
(note: be confident in your choice - we will be holding a debate over the merits of the top 2 machines)

Page 3 - Your tablet of the future, with some details about why you think
              this tablet will or will not be successful.

When you are complete, enter the shared information for your presentation in the form below:

Tablet Prezi Presentation

Today, tablet computers are taking a bigger and bigger percentage of the desktop PC market.

The tablet category is growing as it expands to include a variety of E-Readers, and many different sizes of Tablets.

Notable models:

- Apple Ipad
- Samsung Galaxy Tab 3
- Samsung Galaxy 10
- Samsung Galaxy 7
- Microsoft Surface
- Blackberry Playbook
- Barnes & Noble Nook
- Amazon Kindle
- Amazon Kindle Fire HD

.... and this is just barely scratching the surface.

The dominating companies in this industry are currently Apple, Samsung, Amazon, Microsoft among others.

Other companies have attempted to compete with but failed miserably including the  HP Slate, and Asus Eee Pad to name a few.

In this 2 day assignment I would like you to compare and contrast 10 pro's and con's to using a tablet compared to a traditional PC or Notebook. 

I would like you to focus on what you feel are the top 2 tablets on the market. I would like you research an upcoming tablet that has not been released yet. Please provide information and photos on each tablet. 

Create a Match up between your top 2 tablet choices. Compare them side by side based on spec's, performance, and 2 other categories of your choosing.

You must choose 1 overall winner at the end.

The assignment should be at least 4-5 paragraphs with photos, specs and details.

  • 10 pro's and con's to tablets compared to traditional pc's
  • compare what you feel are the top 2 tablets (give spec's and reasons why you feel they are tops)
  • choose an overall winner - why does is this tablet better than all the rest?
  • present an upcoming, unreleased tablet and discuss what advantages it will have over others

Use this Tablet Comparison Chart as your starting point.

Read: 10 Best Tablets in the World Today - Do you agree or disagree?

Watch: TechRadar's Tablet Buying Guide 2013

Due, end of class on Thursday.