Technology and Social Change

In recent years we are seeing the role of technology as an increasingly significant tool in the struggle to initiate social activism and social change. Social media sites are becoming the first place people share information and news. They allow people around the world to connect and share ideas easily.

Some recent events that had significant ties to technology include:

Each of these events has been impacted by technology in various ways, many of which would not have been possible without access to mobile technologies and social media. Some have relied on technology as an organizing tool where protests and movements are planned and arranged. Some have used technology as a reporting and surveillance tool. The connection between these events is that technology has provided a means for people from far reaching areas of the world to connect and share their views, opinions, and beliefs. It has allowed small groups of people to build large followings of support quickly and raise awareness globally. 

Technology and social media platforms provide opportunities for people to have a voice and spread a message much further than they ever could have before.

Paris Attacks - December 2015


Hackers as Social Activists (Hacktivists)

YouTube Video


Definition: Hashtag Activism
Definition: Slactivism

Learning Outcome: Your goal will be to research and understand the impact that technology plays in global movements. You will research one particular event (does not have to be from the list above) and describe the role that technology played in its development. Determine whether or not the event would have been possible without technology and how technology made this event possible.


You will write a 2-3 page paper on an event of your choice.

Your job will be to describe the event in detail. How it began, how it developed, and what the final outcome was. 

Research your topic thoroughly so you have a strong understanding of the details surrounding it. Use the web to find newspaper articles, news videos, and other sources of information. Make sure you document your sources, where you are finding this information from.

You must describe the role technology played in this event. 
How did technology shape the outcome? 
How did technology impact the way this event began? 
Would this same type of event have been possible in an era where technology was not as sophisticated as it is today?

Please include pictures or diagrams where appropriate to illustrate what you are writing about (maximum 1 image per page if you are writing the paper)

Helpful Resources

Social Media as a catalyst for Social Change

Social Media and Social Change: How Young People are Tapping into Technology

Due dates:

Draft - a significant portion of the work should be complete, main ideas should be mapped out.
2-3 sources need to be used. Try to have one sentence per paragraph written out. Then you can fill in the rest of the details for your final paper.

Final - all work complete and handed in by FRIDAY

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