Online Security - Social Media

Introduction: Class Survey

When complete, browse this slideshow: Global Digital Statistics - January 2017

Discussion: Review survey results

Facebook: Examining your privacy settings

Activity 2: Find somebody in the class that has an account on a social media site that you do but that you are not already friends with. Type their name into the search bar to see if you can find them. What will their account allow you to see? What type of security settings do they have? 

Take a few minutes to review your own Facebook security & privacy settings
If you are not satisfied with the level of security or privacy on your Facebook account, review this tutorial on how to ensure your privacy settings are as high as possible. **
Here is an additional video tutorial to help you out.

Facebook - Friend or Foe?

Discuss: How do you feel when you are using Facebook? How many of your Facebook friends would you say hi to if you passed them in the hallway?

Watch: Facebook Depression & Mental Health

Discuss: What are you opinions on this story? Can you relate to what it is saying? Has anything you have seen on Facebook ever made you feel depressed or sad?

Security Risks

Activity 3: Summarize, in point form, the 4 different professional and personal implications of online security threats as outlined in the previous reading.

Activity 4: Summarize, in point form, the 10 different security threat tactics as discussed in the previous reading.

How much is your information worth?  

Data Mining

YouTube Video