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Online Security Units

Online security encompasses not just how we safeguard our computers but also how we act and behave online, including the safe and smart use of social media.

These units cover a broad range of online security topics that are all current and up-to-date with real-world concerns.

We will be working through the following units in class but you are expected to go through these and complete the assignments at your own pace.

Unit Sections

Final Assignment  

Your final task will be a way for you to demonstrate your understanding of the course material. 

Your task will be to write an 8-10 paragraph blog entry where you describe each section of this unit in detail (ClickJacking, Digital Identity, Password Security, etc). 

For each section you should briefly summarize and explain what you learned and what key points you will take away. 

Please consider how these topics apply to you and feel free to include any relevant examples of situations you have experienced or seen that relate to these topics.

This will be considered your final assignment for this unit and will be marked accordingly. See the rubric below for how your work will be marked.

  12 34 5
Comprehension Very little comprehension Comprehension is lacking Demonstrate acceptable comprehension Demonstrate good overall comprehension Demonstrate excellent comprehension

Comprehension: How well do you understand the topics and how well can you describe them in your own words?

Thoroughness: How well did you read and understand the instructions? How carefully did you complete this task?

Quality: How much effort is obvious in this task? Is the level of effort you put in evident to the viewer?

Reflection: How much were you able to think back to the units and apply them to yourself or your own experiences?

Final Viewing

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