Online Security - Account Inventory

How many online accounts do you have? Do you even know? Can you remember where you opened accounts and the credentials you used when you created them? Which accounts have you opened and then never used, or left dormant for a long time?
For this project we will define an online account as any website that you have an account (username & password) and some personal information registered (e-mail address, age, gender, etc.)

Today we are going to take inventory of all your online accounts. You can begin with the obvious accounts you use most often (school e-mail, Facebook, etc.) 
  • Record as many accounts as you can possibly remember into the tally sheet.
When you can't remember any more, log in to the e-mail address or addresses you have used over the years and start to look for e-mails that say things like "Click here to confirm your account" or anything with the subject line "Welcome to...". 

Look for things like shopping sites, gaming sites, video sites, discussion forums, etc.

See how many more accounts you can find. 
  • How many had you forgotten even existed? 
  • How many were you surprised to see?
  • How many are you willing to delete?

Please copy (file \ make a copy) this Tally Sheet into your Google Drive and follow the format like this:

 Website URL Signup Date Account Still active? Yes/No
 Gmail November 2010 Yes

Things to consider:

  • What is the service or vendor?
  • What URL is used to access the account?
  • What login information (username) do you need?
  • Who has access to that information? Or Who uses this account regularly?
  • What contact e-mail is associated with the account?
  • Fee for service information
Do more research into the web service and see if you can find the answers to these questions:
  • What kind of data is stored there, hosted data or analytics data?
  • What data are stored there?
  • Is it backed up?
  • How is it backed up?
  • How often is it backed up?

Additional Resources

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