ITE6 - Chapter 14

Advanced Troubleshooting - (Launch Chapter)

In your career as a technician, it is important that you develop advanced skills in troubleshooting techniques and diagnostic methods for computer components, operating systems, networks, and security issues. Advanced troubleshooting can sometimes mean that the problem is unique or that the solution is difficult to perform. More often, advanced troubleshooting means that the probable cause is difficult to diagnose.

Advanced troubleshooting uses not only your advanced diagnostic skills when working with hardware and software, but also the interaction between technicians and customers or other technicians. The way in which you work with customers and other technicians can determine how quickly and comprehensively the problem gets diagnosed and solved. Take advantage of your resources, other technicians, and the online technician community to get answers to your diagnostic challenges. You might be able to help another technician with a problem.

In this chapter, you were given multiple opportunities to hone your troubleshooting knowledge and skills.

This chapter covered advanced diagnostic questions to ask when gathering information about a computer hardware or software problem. It also presented more advanced versions of problems and solutions for Computer Components and Peripherals, Operating Systems, Networks, and Security.

In labs you fixed a problem. You then talked someone else through diagnosing and fixing a problem, as a call center technician would.

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