ITE6 - Chapter 12

Security  (Launch Chapter)

This chapter reviews the types of attacks that threaten the security of computers and the data contained on them. A technician is responsible for the security of data and computer equipment in an organization. You will learn how to work with customers to ensure that the best possible protection is in place.

To successfully protect computers and the network, a technician must understand both types of threats to computer security:

  • Physical - Events or attacks that steal, damage, or destroy equipment, such as servers, switches, and wiring
  • Data - Events or attacks that remove, corrupt, deny access to authorized users, allow access to unauthorized users, or steal information


This chapter discusses computer security and why it is important to protect computer equipment, networks, and data. Threats, procedures, and preventive maintenance relating to data and physical security were described to help you keep computer equipment and data safe. Some of the important concepts to remember from this chapter are:

  • Security threats can come from inside or outside of an organization.
  • Viruses and worms are common threats that attack data.
  • Develop and maintain a security plan to protect both data and physical equipment from loss.
  • Keep operating systems and applications up to date and secure with patches and service packs.

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