ITE6 - Chapter 1

Introduction to the Personal Computer(Launch Chapter 1)

This chapter introduces the components that comprise a personal computer system.This is a key chapter to help you throughout this course.

  • Information technology encompasses the use of computers, network hardware, and software to process, store, transmit, and retrieve information.
  • A personal computer system consists of hardware components and software applications.
  • The computer case and power supply must be chosen carefully to support the hardware inside the case and allow for the addition of components.
  • The internal components of a computer are selected for specific features and functions. All internal components must be compatible with the motherboard.
  • Use the correct type of ports and cables when connecting devices.
  • Typical input devices include the keyboard, mouse, touch screen, and digital cameras.
  • Typical output devices include monitors, printers, and speakers.
  • Cases, power supplies, the CPU and cooling system, RAM, hard drives, and adapter cards, must be upgraded when devices fail or no longer meet customer needs.

Specialized computers require hardware specific to their function. The type of hardware used in specialized computers is determined by how a customer works and what a customer wants to accomplish.

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