ITE 5 - Chapter 7 - Laptops

Chapter 7 reviews the components that comprise a basic laptop, including external and internal structure, display types, power settings, and wireless communication technologies. The chapter also provides step-by-step instructions for how to replace customer replaceable units (CRUs) and field-replaceable units (FRUs) in a laptop. Laptop preventive maintenance and troubleshooting are covered as well.

This chapter is important because more people are using laptops in addition to, or instead of, desktop computers.  There are differences across all makes and models of laptops, but certain technologies are common to all.  For this reason, IT technicians are likely to spend much of their time maintaining and troubleshooting laptops. 

  • Describe the purpose of laptop features.
  • Explain the purpose and location of laptop components, special function keys; and compare and contrast a docking station with a port replicator. 
  • Compare and contrast desktop and laptop components. 
  • Describe laptop display components.
  • Compare and contrast the types of laptop displays.
  • Compare and contrast the types of laptop internal display components.
  • Describe how to configure laptop power settings.
  • Describe and configure wireless communication technology for laptops.
  • Describe the removal and installation of laptop components.