ITE 5 - Chapter 11 - The IT Professional

Anyone can learn the technical knowledge required to work in the IT industry. However, it takes more than technical knowledge to become a successful IT professional. An IT professional must be familiar with the legal and ethical issues that are inherent in this industry. There are privacy and confidentiality concerns that you must take into consideration during every customer encounter as you interact with customers in the field, in the office, or over the phone in a call center. If you become a bench technician, although you might not interact with customers directly, you will have access to their private and confidential data. This chapter discusses some common legal and ethical issues.

Call center technicians work exclusively over the phone with customers. This chapter covers general call center procedures and the process of working with customers.

As an IT professional, you will troubleshoot and fix computers, and you will frequently communicate with customers and co-workers. In fact, troubleshooting is as much about communicating with the customer as it is about knowing how to fix a computer. In this chapter, you learn to use good communication skills as confidently as you use a screwdriver.

Chapter 11 Worksheet

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