ITE 5 - Chapter 10 - Security

Security is a vital part of computing and networking, because of the amount and type of information that is shared over networks. Every person involved with a computer must be made aware of security threats and measures that can be used to protect data and computerized equipment. For this reason, students must develop the skills necessary to address potential threats to data.
Chapter Objectives

    Explain why security is important.

    Describe security threats.

    Explain social engineering, data wiping, hard drive  
    destruction and recycling.

    Identify security procedures.

    Explain what is required in a basic security policy.

    Describe ways to protect data.

    Describe protection against malicious software.

    Describe wireless security techniques

    Explain the tasks required to protect physical                       equipment.
    Identify common preventive maintenance techniques        for security.


Create a table and briefly define the 7 different categories of security threats that are outlined in the chapter sections to

Complete practice quiz by Friday.

Hand in all work by Friday.

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