ITE 5 - Case Study: Taking the Initiative

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Mr. Bates, Pam's customer, has just told her about a new project designed to improve communication among educational agencies. The goal is to use the new broadband capabilities in their town to help the schools, libraries, and government educational offices to communicate better.

Pam worked in a mill that installed broadband shortly before the mill's parent company closed the facility. She helped create a network that used broadband technology to enable process control equipment vendors to monitor the machinery, perform diagnostics, and make repairs from remote locations. She acquired skills that would help those involved in the new project understand and coordinate the network development. However, the way the mill used the broadband technology was not exactly the same as the project being developed, and Pam is unsure how her experience can transfer from one job to the next.

Join Pam as she learns:

- How to use social media as a research, marketing, and sales tool.

- How skills acquired through previous employment or education can be valuable to new employers.

- What is involved in establishing a consulting business.
How to fund and operate a consulting business.

Key Vocabulary

Blogs - A blog is an online journal that is usually updated by an individual on a regular basis. Bloggers write about a topic of interest to them and invite readers to interact by posting comments. Bloggers often enhance their journals with links to other blogs, web pages, images, and other media that offer more information on the chosen topic.

- A wiki is a website, usually dedicated to a specific topic that allows the participant to enter information, edit existing information, or comment on other readers' postings. The idea behind a wiki is that a group of individuals want to share their knowledge about a specific topic. They will self-manage the site and act quickly to correct misinformation.

 RSS feeds - RSS feeds automatically notify users when new information is posted to their favorite sites. To receive RSS feeds, a user first downloads RSS reader software and then subscribes to sites of interest that offer RSS updates.

- Podcasts are video or audio files that the author uploads to an Internet site. Users are then permitted to download the files to their personal computers or portable players.