IOE - Chapter 5

Bringing it all Together

1. Desribe one way the IOE is improving health care (

2. Give an example of an M2M health care interaction (

3. Give an example of the M2P interaction described in this section. (

4. Give one example of a P2P interactions that occurs within the health care model. (

5. Describe the 3 types of analytics used to shape how a business functions? (

Note: Skip the Packet Tracer activity in section

6. What are 3 benefits of modeling the IOE solution? (

7. Describe the 4 basic symbols of a flowchart. (

8. What type of loop is described in this healthcare flowchart (

9. Describe a network and physical topology. (

10. Describe a logical topology (

11. What do you think are the most important 5 aspects of prototyping? (see the diagram in

12. What is one way you can get started with prototyping? (

13. How does an Arduino differ from a Raspberry Pi? (

14. What is Quirky? (

15. How many students have trained in the CISCO networking academy up to this point? (

16. What are the two basic types of certification available? (

17. What are the 3 key areas of software engineering that will require jobs in the future? (

18. What is the new kind of IOE specialist described here? (

19. Play the Make Everything Disappear game!