IOE - Chapter 3

Connecting the Unconnected

1. Descibe how the globe may be considered a "growing nervous system by 2020". What will it have to sense and               respond to?

2.  Do you agree or disagree with this statement? In point form, explain your answer.
      " The Internet of Everything is able to improve quality of life for people everywhere by taking advantage of these connected things            and the data produced, and incorporating new processes that enable people to make better decisions and offerings."  (

3. Briefly describe the setup of a typical home network. (
4. What is a key difference between home networks and industrial networks? (
5. What is an advantage of using a converged network? (
6. In point form describe what are protocols and protocol suites. (
7. What is the most commonly implemented wired protocol? (
8. What is the primary method that businesses use to process data? (
9. How is cloud computer different from client-server models? (
10. How much data about its performance does a jet engine produce in 30 minutes? (
11. Briefly describe what smart light traffic systems are. (
12. Describe how sensors work in the Transportation. (
13. What are actuators? Describe the difference between hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrical actuators. (
14. Describe another scenario besides the coffee plantation where IP-enable controllers can be used. (
15. How is an IP address similar to a street address? (
16. What does DHCP stand for? (
17. What is a router and why is it required? (
18. Describe the differences between Ethernet ports and Internet ports. (
19. What does SSID stand for? (
20. What are the 3 most common logical structures found in programming languages? (
21. Briefly describe: Firmware, Operating Systems, Applications. (
22. Which programming language was developed by the Sun company in 1995? (
23. Which programming language was developed by Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab (