IOE - Chapter 2

Chapter 2 - Pillars of the Internet of Everything

Answer the following questions while you work your way through the chapter. Place in a folder called IOE - Chapter 2 on your portfolio when complete.

1. Briefly describe each of the Four Pillars of the IOE: people, process, data, things (

2. What are the most common types of wireless connections? (

3. According to the stats on this page, what percentage of the world's population is on the internet? (

4. Briefly describe what sensors are and how they work.(

5. Describe what RFID tags are and how they work. How do older tags differ from newer types? (
6. Describe the four market transitions that are necessary to enable the full potential of the IOE. (

7, How is data represented in electronic communication? (

8. Describe key differences between structured and unstructured data. (

9. Briefly describe the 3 primary types of data storage. (

10. The internet is currently moving from IPv4 to a new standard, what is it? (

11. How many packets are required to download a 6mb song? (

12. What is IANA and what are they responsible for? (

13. Describe the 3 dimensions of "Big Data" that must be accounted for. (

14. Which technology has fueled much of the growth in big data? (

15. Describe "Virtualization" and how can we use it for our personal needs? (

16. Briefly describe the 4 categories of cloud computing in the diagram here (

17. Where is an ideal location for a data center? (

18. What are the 4 types of cloud deployment models? (

19. What is a "feedback loop"? (

20. What is "micro marketing"? (