IOE - Chapter 1

Introduction to the Internet of Everything

You will need to use Internet of Everything Chapter 1 on the Netacad site to answer the following questions.
  • Create a new section in your portfolio called Internet of Everything
  • Make a sub-folder in there called Chapter 1.
  • Place these questions in there by Friday's class. 

Describe the Four Phases of the Internet (

Check out the Submarine Cable Map - which cables connect British Columbia to the rest of the world?

Cisco Fact: 50 billion intelligent things are estimated to be connected to the internet by 2020

Describe the Four Pillars of the Internet of Things (

Describe the 3 Main Connections between the Four Pillars and the IOE environment (

Briefly summarize in point form how organizations must adapt or lose competive edge. (

Describe the 3 characteristics of being IOE-ready (

Describe the difference between hosts, intermediary, and end devices.( &

What is the difference between a WAN, LAN, and Converged network? ( &

5 core priorities of an organization that are affected by IOE

Note: You do not need to complete the Mapping the Internet Lab or download the Packet Tracer or complete anything to do with this at this time. Answering the questions above is your only assignment for Chapter 1.