Internet of Everything - Writing Assignment

Now that we have completed the Internet of Everything unit on the CISCO website it's now time to reflect on what you have learned.

In this activity I will ask that you discuss and describe exactly what the "Internet of Everything" means. 

What is CISCO saying about our future when they describe a transition from internet enabled computing devices to having everything with internet capabilities (Hint: remember the wi-fi fork?) 

This activity will be a 2 page typed document, single-spaced (minimum). 

I expect you to discuss at least 3 different types of internet enabled devices that are good examples of the Internet of Everything evolution. Please include one picture of each device. The pictures should be small and not take up too much space on the page.

I would like to see your personal thoughts and feelings about this shift and I would like you to highlight any potential concerns or problems you see also. 

As CISCO 12 students, I expect you to have developed some critical thoughts and ideas about technology use and I look forward to seeing these clearly outlined in this assignment.

Due date: Start of class on Monday, Oct 20.