Google Sites

Using Google Sites, create a basic website about yourself. You may include video clips, songs, pictures, or any other forms of media that you feel best represents who you are.

Your website should include the following:

  1.  Your name 
  2. A brief write-up about yourself (your name, where you are from, your interests, favourite things, favourite subjects, etc) - Do not feel the need to post anything too personal, these sites will be public *
  3. PORTFOLIO page: where you will be posting links to your completed assignments (Use the "File Cabinet" template for this page) *Note when choosing a location for the page, leave it at "Top Level"
  4. BLOG page: this is where you will be posting responses and reflections. (Use the "Announcements" page template for this) *Note when choosing a location for the page, leave it at "Top Level"
  5. Class Links: in the left sidebar. You will need a list of links to other students pages in your class. You will need to spell their name correctly, have the list in alphabetical order, and have the links all working properly. I will give you these links after everyone has submitted their site URL to me.
  • To edit the left sidebar click the gear icon (more actions) and then click edit site layout
  • To edit the background colour, fonts, etc. click the gear icon and then click manage site then click themes colours and fonts.

Click here to see a basic example site that highlights the required components

** Once you have a URL (ex. for your site, 
please enter your name and URL into our submission page **
Submit your Google Site URL

Note: This website will serve as your portfolio of work for the course. It will be an example of your work over the semester and be an organized place to showcase your homework and assignments.

Note: If you are having issues with Google Sites, check your web browser. Internet Explorer does not always work very well, you should use Firefox or Chrome instead.

Assessment Criteria


  • Is your site easy to navigate?
  • Does it make logical sense how to get around?
  • Do you have to search to find content or is it easy to locate?


  • Does the site reflect your diverse interests?
  • Have you gone beyond the basic template to customize it?
  • Have you chosen a colour scheme that is easy to view?
  • Have you added more than the bare minimum to make it special?


  • Do all the links work?
  • Does all content load effectively?
  • Can you easily jump between menus and links?

Your Google Sites Development Guide

Google Sites: Creating, editing, and sharing a site