Google Maps

Find these co-ordinates and record what country they are in.

The world's largest island-in-a-lake-on-an-island-in-a-lake-on-an-island  69.793° N, 108.241° W

United States' Plane Graveyard 32 08'59.96" N, 110 50'09.03"W

Abandoned Pirate Ship   33°51'13.07"S 151°13'59.47"E

Blue Whale Skeleton   36°56'57.31"N, 122° 3'55.40"W

Huge Shipwreck 19° 38' 46.00" N, 37° 17' 42.00" E

Desert Lips 12°22'13.32"N, 23°19'20.18"E

The perfect Valentine's island 43.979089,15.384461

How did this get there? 48.825183,2.1985795

Giant Pink Bunny 44.244273,7.769737

Beijing Railway Station 39°51'50.35"N, 116°22'21.78"E

Dubai's Palm Islands 25° 7'2.64"N, 55° 7'59.28"E

Man-Shaped Lake  -21° 48′ 18.53″, -49° 5′ 23.92″

Always Coca-Cola -18.529225,-70.25002
Guitar-Shaped Mansion 33.41766,-86.620418
UTA Flight 772 Memorial 16.864997,11.953728

See if you can make a custom Google Map that highlights your home, 
your school and your typical route to school each day.

Extension: Indicate your friend's home on your map
                 Highlight any places you travel during a typical week (library, mall, rec centre, stores, etc.)
                 Create a web of your typical weekly activity, figure out how much distance in Km you cover.


Google "My Map" Project

Jon Hamlin,
Feb 4, 2014, 3:15 PM