Computer Hardware Workshop

Activity #1

Computer Assembly / Dis-assembly

You will be working in teams of 3.

The hardware tech will be doing the actual physical dismantling of the system.

The procedural manager will be following the instructions and making sure each step is completed and operate the camera.

The secretary will be recording the steps, taking photos of each component, and taking notes of any relevant information.

Each group member should have a turn at each role so you will need to rotate positions throughout the lab time.

You are required to do a complete disassembly and re-assembly of a desktop computer system.

We will be working in 5 stations with 5 teams building at a time. You will be required to complete the Computer Assembly Guide and document all of your steps in the process.

Include the following information in your finished guide:
  • step by step instructions for how to disassemble the computer system
  • precautions to take during the workshop
  • solutions to troubleshoot potential problems. i.e. what would you do if it doesn't turn on?
  • guide on how to put the system back together safely, in sequence
Finally, you must upload your photos from your mobile device and using Google Docs you must label each section of the computer. You must also layout and label each component with it's correct name after you have removed them from the computer. You will put together a final photo gallery of labelled images similar to these below:

Your completed Assembly Guide AND your Google Doc with labelled pictures are all due by the end of the week. (Thursday)

Each group member must have the same items on their portfolio. (Suggestion: One member can upload them and then others can link to those files in their portfolios.)

Activity #2

If you are waiting to complete the Hardware Lab - you must be working on the following assignment:

Custom Computer Build

Assignment 1 and 2 are both due by the end of the day on Tuesday, May 2