Hardware Labs

posted May 25, 2015, 11:20 AM by Jon Hamlin
This week we will be building and dismantling our practice computers in our Hardware Labs.

Note: please ensure one member of your team has a mobile device with a camera!

5 groups of 3 students will work at a time doing this. Each group will have two blocks to dismantle, photograph, and re-assemble their machines.

We will be rotating groups through the 5 stations.

Groups that are waiting for their turn to do the Hardware Labs are expected to view the Custom Computer Build assignment. 

** Both the Hardware Lab booklets and the custom computer build assignment are due by the end of Friday. **

Hardware Lab Randomly Assigned Groups

Group 1 - Tony, Hongjun, Athena

Group 2 - Sina, Mi Na, Kate

Group 3 - Matteo, Brian, Avi

Group 4 - Rebecca, David, Ryan Sharpe

Group 5 - Ardi, Ryan Siu, Ryan Lee

Group 6 - Dene, Ryan Stenning, Owen

Group 7 - Calvin, Radu, Solomon

Group 8 - Andrew, Yury, Aryan

Group 9 - Hossein, Jeremy, Leo

Group 10 - Eden, Abhi, Danial