Assignment #1 - Computer History

Watch the video History of the Computer

With a partner complete The First Computer WebQuest

All 3 Parts of the WebQuest will be due in 7 days. Be prepared to present your TimeGlider to the class on Thursday, Feb 9

Note: The webquest indicates for you to share your work on a WikiSpace but I would like you to use your Google Site from CISCO 11. Please create a new page and allow both partners access to the page by adding your partner's e-mail in the "share" section.

Layout on your site for submission:

Homework section

Title - Computer History Timeline

1. Google Doodle (if you have one, not mandatory)

2. TimeGlider timeline - embedded in your page

3. Writing Section

A. Come up with your own definition of a computer
B. How has your definition of a computer changed (100 words max)
C. Write what you really feel was the first computer and why, connect it to your definition of a computer (300 words minimum)

This picture is from 1956, and shows an IBM hard drive. This unit would be used to store information, not unlike your memory stick, thumb drive, or camera memory card. The hard drive pictured weighed over 1 ton, and was capable of storing 5 Mb or data. For comparison, it would take over 1,000 of these units to store the information
held in a modern thumb drive.

Assignment #2 - Team Computer Hardware Research Project

Click Here to go to Assignment (Scroll down to Assignment 3)

Assignment #3 - Technology Audit

Individual Assignment

Choose the top 3 technology items you use on a daily basis.

Research where these devices were built.

Research the working conditions and facilities where these are made.

Report on your website:

- the name and photo of each device

- cost to the company to make each product compared to the retail cost

- the hourly wage of the workers who built it

- the weekly hours each worker must complete at the factory

- the location of the factory and how long it has been made there

The purpose of this activity is to allow us to understand the production process and the reasons technology is built where it is. We are going to examine the pro's and con's to technology outsourcing.

You should provide a minimum of 1 written paragraph and 10 point form notes for each device.

Due date: end of class on Monday, March 5th

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