Chapter 5 - Operating Systems

The operating system (OS) controls almost all functions on a computer. In this chapter, you will learn about the components, functions, and terminology related to the, Windows XP, and Windows 7 operating systems.

Chapter 5 is important because operating systems control most of the functions of a computer.  Most software requires an OS to operate.  Many of the common computer problems that technicians must solve are related to the OS and can be solved with the knowledge and skills developed in Chapter 5

After completing this chapter, you will meet these objectives:

    • Explain the purpose of an operating system.

    • Describe characteristics of modern operating systems.

    • Describe desktop and network operating systems.

    • Determine applications, environments, and minimum hardware that are compatible with an OS and the customers' needs.

    • Describe upgrading an operating system.

    • Identify hard drive setup procedures.

Assignment: Chapter 5 Worksheet (Completes Questions 1-75)

Worksheet due in hand-in folder by the end of class on Friday.

Additional Resources

A History of Windows (from Microsoft)