Chapter 11 - Advanced Personal Computers

In your career as a technician, you may have to determine if a component for a customer's computer should be upgraded or replaced. It is important that you develop advanced skills in installation procedures, troubleshooting techniques, and diagnostic methods for computers. This chapter discusses the importance of component compatibility across hardware and software. It also covers the need for adequate system resources to efficiently run the customer's hardware and software.

After completing this chapter, you will meet these objectives:

  • Give an overview of field, remote, and bench technician jobs.
  • Explain safe lab procedures and tool use.
  • Describe situations requiring replacement of computer components.
  • Upgrade and configure personal computer components and peripherals.
  • Identify and apply common preventive maintenance techniques for personal computer components.
  • Troubleshoot computer components and peripherals.

Before you read
Complete the Chapter 11 Anticipation Guide

After you read

Research 3 jobs in the computer industry.

List & Describe these jobs.

Briefly describe the typical skills and education needed for these jobs and research typical salaries.

Add this to the bottom of the anticipation guide and place in the hand-in folder when complete.
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