Chapter 9 - Fundamentals of Security

Fundamentals of Security

Technicians need to understand computer and network security. Failure to implement proper security procedures can have an impact on users, computers, and the general public. Private information, company secrets, financial data, computer equipment, and items of national security are placed at risk if proper security procedures are not followed.

After completing this chapter, you will meet these objectives:

  • Explain why security is important.
  • Describe security threats.
  • Identify security procedures.
  • Identify common preventive maintenance techniques for security.
  • Troubleshoot securit
Activity 1:
In this activity you will use the Internet to gather information to help you become familiar with computer crime and security attacks in your area. Be prepared to present your research with the class.   

1. Briefly describe one article dealing with computer crime or a security attack (place description and a link to the article on your website)
2. Based on your research, could this incident have been prevented? List the precautions 
that might have prevented this attack.

Activity 2:
1. Using the Internet research 2 different anti-virus software 
applications. Based on your research, complete the table below. 

  Software 1Software 2
 Company Name   
 Website URL          
 Software Features  
 Subscription Length (month, year, lifetime)      
2. Which anti-virus software would you purchase? List reasons for your selection.

Activity 3:

Complete the Chapter 9 review questions - hand them into the hand-in folder

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