Welcome to CISCO

posted Apr 13, 2014, 5:34 PM by Jon Hamlin
Today we are going to begin the first chapter of the CISCO program (6th chapter for the 12's).

You can access the appropriate chapters from either the CISCO 11 or CISCO 12 menus from the menu on the left.

We always begin a new chapter on Mondays and then we usually have a couple assignments for each chapter. We take the chapter exam on the following Monday (one week later) and then immediately move on to the next chapter.

Please select your appropriate class from the menu on the left to begin. Please take time to read through the chapter instructions and look at any additional material I have posted on the chapter page.

Don't forget to also take the chapter practice quiz located on the CISCO site Netacad.com - this does not count for marks but is very useful to help you prepare for the chapter exam.