Recycling Champions

posted Mar 30, 2014, 7:33 PM by Jon Hamlin   [ updated Mar 31, 2014, 9:37 AM ]
Here are the winners of the recycling contest. These students were able to recycle their items while travelling the least total distance. Click their names to see their Google Maps (if the name is not linked, the user must unlock their map)

Block 1
 Place Name Distance (km) Prize
1st David Y. 7.8 Best Buy $10
 2nd Brian C. 9.6 Best Buy $5
 3rd Juliana 10.6 Principal's Token
Block 3
 Place Name Distance (km) Prize
 1st Georgiy 6.3 Best Buy $10
 2nd Lee C. 9.6 Best Buy $5
 3rd David S. 10.2 Principal's Token

Today we are also beginning our discussion about Conflict Minerals.

Would knowing that the materials in your mobile device are sourced from countries engaged in armed conflicts to control sales of these materials affect how you purchase in the future?