posted Apr 21, 2014, 8:00 PM by Jon Hamlin
Welcome back, I hope you enjoyed your Long Weekend.

Today is our first CISCO Exam. You have 10 minutes to prepare and to hand-in your chapter assignments before the exam begins.

The exam will be open book. 

What you can do: Look up information anywhere in your chapter on

What you can't do: Use Google or other websites to find your information.

All other websites besides will be blocked out and your screen will be monitored during the exam period.

Mobile devices must be stashed away and not be seen during the exam period. Any mobile device visible will result in your exam terminating and a mark of 0 being assigned. You will then be required to return at the teacher's convenience to re-write the exam at a later time.

When you complete the exam, please click on either CISCO 11 or CISCO 12 from the side menu to see you next chapter assignment.